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What does a fall maintenance entail?





Why You Need a Heater Performance maintenance and What It Includes

A heater performance maintenance done by a professional can keep your system running at its top efficiency. It is an important maintenance you don’t want to delay. In most of our homes, we have either gas fired heaters (also called furnaces) or electric heat air handlers (which are part of a heat pump system). 

Why Maintain Your System

The latest heating system today typically come with a 20 year limited warranty from manufacturers for the gas fired furnaces and 10 years for the electric heat units. In order to maximize the life of these components, routine maintenance is an integral step to prevent breakdowns and lengthen the life of your system. It also ensures safety as well, especially when gas combustion is used to generate heat.

When Terry’s A/C and Heating evaluates your heater, we focus on safety first. Then, we look to improve efficiency, comfort, and performance capacity of each and every system we service.

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